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A forum where Hetalia fans can join together to rp their favorite nations in an AU, high school setting. Loosely based on the Gakuen Hetalia game.
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 Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams!

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Who do you want to be your Student Council Secretary?
Matthew Williams
Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! 2ccs5di64%Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! 2ccs5di
 64% [ 18 ]
Maria Fleur Vanackere
Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! 2ccs5di36%Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! 2ccs5di
 36% [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 28


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Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! Empty
PostSubject: Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams!   Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 4:10 am

Student Council Secretary- The Secretary must have exceptional writing and note-taking skills, and must be able to write with ledgible and neat handwriting that all students and/or teacher's can read.

Lets all congratulate and get to know our new Student Council Secretary, Matthew Williams! Everyone make sure to meet and greet him!

Matthew Williams!

Name:Matthew Williams

Year in school:Fourth year

Free time:I have plenty, save from homework time and class time, of course...

Cllubs or Teams You are On: I would like to start a hockey team but... we don't have enough members so... nothing.

Office You are Running For: Secretary

Skills You Have That Pertain to This Office: I can write quickly and neatly... I'm organized... And I can use a computer.

How Much You Can Provide if Given Office: I can keep the files organized, transfer any information, know how to use a computer fairly well, and be discreet not to disturb anyone during important meeting.

Why You Think You Should Be Elected :

H-Hello everyone... It would be good if I introduced myself eh..?
My name is Matthew Williams. I'm nineteen years old so as you can guess I'm in my last year here... fourth year...
A-Anyway. I would like to be of some help in this school and... Well I thought I could do a... fine secretary for the Student council... Somehow...

When you think of a secretary... you think of a person who takes notes for everyone else... So since it's for the other, that person have to write neatly eh? Well I think I can write in a legible way. Actually, I worked hard to have neat notes so I can give them to other person in the class. In order to follow the lesson efficiently, I managed to write quickly too. So taking legible note quickly during meeting won't be different than during lessons, I'll do my best to be the most efficient possible.

I can also type it on my laptop later in order to archive it. I know that new technologies are not always liked by people, but I personally think it's useful. I have the required knowledge to use it wisely if I'm elected secretary. I also think there is a way to share files using a private network between the people from the student council, to save paper. It would be better for the earth and for the school's wallet... And it's also always nice to have a copy saved on a computer in case someone lose it, plus if one of us have to miss a meeting for a reason or another, he would get a sum up directly on his computer right after. Sharing files using a personal network is easier and more efficient than the traditional way.

I-I'm not a loud person, so I won't bother the other members of the student council during meetings... I think the role of a secretary is not to give an advice on everything happening, and especially not to disturb everyone. That's why I think being quiet is a good quality. I believe people in the student council will need some silence to think of good ideas to ameliorate school life, and it can't be performed with a noisy secretary who can't be discreet. I-I promise I won't be a bother!

I have quite a lot of free time so I can also do some errands for the members of the student council if it's needed. I really like to be helpful, which is my motivation for wanting to be the secretary of the student council. For me, being a secretary is not only about documents, I think that, since the other roles are way more difficult and time taking, it's also the secretary's duty to be thoughtful of the others from time to time, by bringing them things to relax like a good cup of coffee or tea...

It's for all those reasons I think I'm suited to be this school's student council's secretary.P-Please vote for me...?
I'm really sorry for taking your time, thank you very much for listening. I wish you all a nice day...
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Student Council Secretary-- Please welcome Matthew Williams!
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