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A forum where Hetalia fans can join together to rp their favorite nations in an AU, high school setting. Loosely based on the Gakuen Hetalia game.
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------------- Welcome to World Academy W, the academy of ambiguous location where all your dreams will come true~! Or perhaps none of them. It really depends how lucky you are. -------------
Make sure you check The Noticeboard for news about Cultural Day!

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 Cultural Day!

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Altaf Mashhadi

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PostSubject: Cultural Day!    Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:33 pm

Quote :
It's that time of the year!

It's Cultural Day!

The day when you all get to dress up in your traditional national dress, or period costume, create a display, and have a lot of fun!

You should each organise a display table with diaramas, food, posters, etc.

When: Sunday 12th September
Where: The main hall

There will be a competition for best costume, best display, and best knowledge of history of your country!

You will be marked on this, and the winners get the best grades!

It's time for FUN!!

This flyer, black and white on green paper, has been pinned to the noticeboard. It has been so badly photocopied that it is almost impossible to tell what the picture is meant to be.
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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day!    Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:06 am

Zviadi stared at it, almost squinting at whatever picture they had at the bottom. He then smiled, he loved wearing his traditional clothes!
He then tapped his chin and wondered what the students would do for this day. It seemed like a brilliant idea!
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Heracles Karpusi


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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day!    Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:22 pm

When Heracles had read the event schedule for the year he'd been mildly interested. There were many more events then at his last school but it only made sense, this one was much bigger (and more expensive) after all. But one event he had slowly been learning to not be excited for was... Cultural Day.

Because the school boosted students of so many different cultural backgrounds some one high up had had the bright idea to start a festival every year where students could showcase their country of origin's uniqueness...and by /could/ they of course meant /must/ it was worth much of their social studies grade.

There was a strict code of conduct. One must dress in period costume unique to their country and prepare a display table with, dioramas, food, posters and memorize historical facts.
But Heracles didn't really mind that, the thing that he minded was that it was a /competition/ for the best grade.

Heracles could already sense the tension building around the upcoming event. People seemed on edge and less friendly.
To overstate things a bit... it felt like war was imminent...
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Sadiq Adnan


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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day!    Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:23 am

Sadiq stopped by the noticeboard on his way to the kitchen, realizing that he'd never actually seen a notice posted until now. Moving closer, he realized it was for an event! He grinned while reading it over, ideas suddenly coming to him in a rush. Oh what an occasion~!

Finally Sadiq had a proper reason to spend so much time on something he enjoyed very much. He hummed softly to himself, thinking joyful thoughts of all the delicacies he intended to share. He hoped that the rest of the students enjoyed this kind of thing. He sure did. Traditional clothes, good foods and of course the best part, it was also a competition. It was a competition that Sadiq had high expectations for. He smiled, continuing on his way- now more motivated. He needed to start planning...


Sadiq stared into the bare cupboards angrily, only just realizing that he hadn't the money to spare to fill them, thanks to a certain someone.
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Louisa Garcia


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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day!    Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:48 am

Louisa had been passing by the hall when she saw the odd-looking paper on the noticeboard. Realizing that it was her free time and she had nothing to do anymore, she smiled and peered closer to it, reading its contents silently.

After she finished reading it, an innocent smile graced her face, and she had to keep herself from squealing. At last! She could show off about her homeland! It was the one day she was waiting for, and she hoped that she would do well; after all, this was a graded activity, and she had to maintain her scholarship...

She giggled and walked away, mumbling her plans under her breath. Did she bring her costume, or would she have it sent from home? Er, how would it even be sent from home if she didn't know the address of their school? What about the duck eggs? She needed to make balut!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day!    

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Cultural Day!
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