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A forum where Hetalia fans can join together to rp their favorite nations in an AU, high school setting. Loosely based on the Gakuen Hetalia game.
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 Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen

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PostSubject: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:34 pm

Was it really a coincidence that Eirik is to share a room with Mathias? The Norwegian sighed before taking a quick scan in the room. Two beds, meant for two people. Instantly, he decided to divide the room into two by a boundary as powerful as a long piece of tape that measures to a couple of yards. If he were to divide the room, the person occupying the bed the closest to the window would be shut off from the entrance, the bathroom, and some sort of a mini-kitchen-slash-dining room sort of area. Of course, that is meant for no one else than that annoying piece of Danish meat. He can have the chairs over there and the window.

He claimed the bed the closest to the entrance and set up all his belongings to its proper places. Though he may not follow the rules sometimes, he does like the impose them on others. Sitting cross-legged on his bed, wearing only a white flannel, slacks, and socks, he began to write the rules on a piece of paper with a red marker.

Rules for Mathias:

1. Do not cross the boundary when Eirik is in the same room unless he says so.
2. Limit speaking to three words per ten minutes.
3. Use 'indoor' voices. (Low volume)
4. Don't do anything stupid.
5. Heed rule #4 or else.

There will be consquences.

And he was quite satisfied with the golden five. Although he had a feeling that Mathias will search for loopholes. He'll figure that out later.
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:30 am

Biting his plump lower lip, not to squee like a teenage girl that just had been asked to prom by the high school hunk, the Dane closed his eyes in momentary bliss. He reckoned squeeing about sharing a room with your most respectable colleague would be highly, I repeat, highly unprofessional. Not that Mathias Sorensen put so much thought it what was professional or not.

Eirik Hanssen, a rather feisty (despite the otherwise icy exterior) Chemistry Professor and, more significantly, the Norwegian embodiment of Mathias Sorensen's wet dreams was going to be sleeping right there in the bed next to his. It was fate, so it was. He couldn't even try and hide the grin that was threatening to split his face in half as he barged into their room, a rather patriotically coloured bag swinging from his shoulder.
'Heiiiii!' he boomed happily, stepping into their bedroom area to see the Norwegian sitting cross-legged on the bed. And oooh sweet Norse gods above (or down below, depending how you chose to look at it), wasn't he just delicious. 'What's up?'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:35 am

Eirik peered up for about a milisecond and then looked back down at his paper. He should've known this would happen sooner or later. "Writing rules." He said nonchalantly as he posted it up on a wall where it is clearly visible with duct tape. Duct tape - a useful thing indeed, especially for some projects. Perhaps it can be useful in another way as well. To that thought, he gave Mathias a rather sharp gaze.

"Read it." He commanded in a clear, cool voice. He was about a good feet or two away from the Dane, and so with the roll of duct tape in one hand, he pulled the end very roughly to create a force from the breaking sound. He wanted his message to be very clear and his half-lidded eyes and pursed lips showed it - such posture might be an ideal picture for a cover of a kink magazine, who knows. "I would like to express in advance that the 'or else' part is serious."
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:15 am

It would be a lie to say that the Danish man had not seen it coming. He did not expect to be half so amusing, however. Walking over to the wall the page was now demonstratingly glued to, he read it carefully, like a kid might, mouthing absent-mindedly every syllable, a positively rogueish smile slowly but steadily blooming across his face.

'Ah, Eirik' he said, smiling benevolently, taking out a pen from the pocket of his suit jacket 'For someone with a scientific mind your lack of precision in ghastly'
He started vigorously scribbling on the sheet of paper.

Rules for Mathias:---> I am HONOURED that you completed a set of rules just for me! But I must say there's a lot of room left for IMPROVEMENT.

1. Do not cross the boundary when Eirik is in the same room unless he says so. --that blatantly breaks the rules of 'sharing' which is the point of, y' sharing a room and hopefully a bed. oh wait. scratch that
2. Limit speaking to three words per ten minutes. I'll give you two: not. happening.
3. Use 'indoor' voices. (Low volume)okay, now this I don't get. Weren't you telling me that you like it when I'm loud? You lack consistency, my friend! a fatal flaw in a Chemist!
4. Don't do anything stupid.would you care to elaborate? as in 'drinking all yer coffee stupid' (which is more suicidal than stupid) or 'sneaking into yer shower to suck yer off kinda stupid' (and as much as you bitch about it while I do it, yer never complain afterwards...which I find PERPLEXING)
5. Heed rule #4 or else.see, now I'm just gonna be curious what does the 'or else' include

There will be consquences. --naughty ones, I hope?

'There' Mathias said, with deep satisfaction one has after writing a three thousand words assigment about the implications of Enlightenment philosophy on the generation of Romantics. 'I think it just needed some artistic flare'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:34 pm

To that, his lips curved into a small smirk (although he did somewhat glare at the last one). "Heh."

Eirik figured that Mathias will do something to overrule his rules but he did not expect something like this. Those words amused him, and so he cleanly smoothed the tape back on the roll. Without a word, he threw the duct tape in an underhand toss and then sat back on his bed mutely. It did not disappoint him that the little effort he put in that paper was turned into naught; to be frank, that lifted his mood up a tiny bit. He supposed that he’ll let the Dane do as he wishes – besides, Eirik must admit that something as tedious as word written rules should not be always be followed. He laid down on his bed, opened up a book about Norse mythology (it was his fifth time reading it), and then listlessly said out loud, “Whether you choose to follow those rules or not does not matter anymore. Just keep a few things in mind.”

Yeah, he still won’t tolerate a few things, such as surprise attacks in the middle of the night… As long as his fist is in tact, he can still resist.

His eyes stayed glued to the words as he tried to remain uncaring and preoccupied. “Unpack your stuff unless you are done already. We’ll eat, and then sleep.”
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:01 am

For a minute there Mathias could feel a slight flush of panic swipe against him, the tiny oh-so-tiny curve of his lips catching the Dane by utter surprised, just before it dawned on his that hey, lookit that he just made Eirik Hanssen smiiiileee. SCORE!
The taller man grinned widely back, eyes sparkling with mirth and a little bit of hope.

Following the Norwegian's suit, though perhaps not in the same refined manner, Mathias threw himself on the bed, the mattress bouncing back comfortably under the man's back.
'It depends what things you'd like me to keep on my mind' he offered, the grin, not at all, not at all, filthy.

'Sooo...'he started a little carefully, glancing at the cover of Eirik's book. 'Which one is yer favourite?'

He stretched himself on the bed with an luxurious air, like a cat sunning itself on a particularly delightful roof, supressing a yawn.
'Yeh, I'll do it in a moment, I didn't bring much'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:27 pm

"Let's start with some quiet time, how about that?" Eirik responded, not all interested. After reading a quick passage, he turned the page over and continued. Such silence was short-lived.

The question was vague but being the quick-thinker he is, he already thought of an answer. Or rather, it was a passive response, "All of them." His eyes peered to the side to catch a glimpse of the flippant man. He assumed that Mathias was bored or something but he didn't really mind.

To be honest, he has been bored out of his wits for a long time now. With his eye still burning holes on the pages of the book, he said aloud, "What do you want to eat?"
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:29 pm

Mathias Sorensen couldn't remain less convinced even if he tried. Which he didn't.
Hands folded behind his head in a luxurious manner he gave the younger man a teasing smile.
'Oh come on' he said, grinning from his prone position. 'You've got to have at least one that you like a tiny bit more than others'
The Dane mused, looking cheerfully at the ceiling.'I mean, yer just do. I like a lot of them, but I think my favourite is the one with Frigg and Balder, I think. It's so fairy tale-like...with her extracting all the oaths from everything in nature'

He shrugged or at least as much as one could shrug while horizontal. Grin firm in place.
'I dunno' he said cheerfully 'But I could cook if you like. You in the mood for anything in particular?'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:43 am

"Frig and Balder..." Eirik muttered those names that he was almost too familiar with. He turned to the next page and then replied, "A pity that she disregarded the mistletoe which ended all of her efforts into naught." He paused and then blankly stated, "Ragnarok is interesting."

Those words just escaped his lips because he was caught in the moment. Once he realized something, he casted an inquisitive look at Mathias. "You read all of it?" He would be surprised if the Dane answers 'yes'. Secretly impressed as well.

A bit interested, he closed the book but left his finger as a bookmark. "If you want. And not really. Surprise me."
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:42 am

'Yeah, but' because even if the Dane was theoretically agreeing with you, he was about to start an arguement 'if she kept mistletoe in mind there would be no story, right? It's like a hyperbole, you've got complications and resolutions. It's kinda' he shrugged with both his shoulders and his lips, getting a bit carried away by his thoughts. 'reassuring that everyone's got their fatal flaw, even gods'

Mathias laughed and shook his head a little at Eirik's mention of Ragnarok. 'Yeah, though I think all those Hollywood class B productions destroyed it for, I just can't see them the same way I used to when I read the myths for the first times. Jean Claude Van Damme keeps popping into mind' he concluded grinning widely.

'Dude, I'm aliterature prof' Mathias said incredulously , bit offended, though had he heard himself say it he'd probably admit that he came across sounding more like a surfer than a representative of the educational body. 'What did you expect?'

He bounced off the bed before the Norwegian could even elaborate on the surprise part, not that the older man expected him to anyway.
'Aye, aye Captain!' he saluted happily, entering the kitchen in one energetic stride and starting his rommage through the contents of their fridge. 'You like, eat meat and stuff right?'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:48 am

A smirk. "Too used to being in a socratic seminar, are we?" Eirik openeed up the book again and then carelessly glanced at the words, not reading it. "Haha. You made it seem as if I was not aware of that at all." Of course, being Norwegian himself, he absorbed its content at a very young age. The mythology, a simple folklore, a fairytale repeated from the tongues of the old and to the young. A natural cycle of culture being passed down.

He has been too attached to this piece of literature enough to extract every detail and weave what felt like a reality. Sometimes, he feels as if Thor and Odin really did exist and that Frigg really did request an oath from every creature. As a child, he believed truly believed that Líf and Lífþrasir gave were his ancestors. Unfortunately, science disagrees.

"That's why you don't watch them." He spoke boredly, "It's a lot more pleasing as to how your mind depicts it. Not how others do."

His eyes remained on that page. Heh. "Normally people would go for something more popular like Greek mythology. Perhaps you had a good reason with Norse; more familiar with your culture I suppose." Then he shrugged loosely, "You still don't look like the reader-type to me." Eirik turned his head to get a glimpse of the Danish man. It was an actual honest sentiment. He'd call him a walking contradiction in those clothes.

It's a good thing Mathias can't tell which tones are joking and not.

"Yeah." Eirik readjusted the clip on his hair, "Don't have too much fun now."
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Wed May 05, 2010 7:44 pm

Mathias blinked, more than a little confused, his unruly head sticking out from the whereabouts of the fridge.
"A what, sorry?"

He grinned then though, more to himself than in the direction of the other man, pulling out eggs and scrutinizing vegetables with a look of an FBI agent in old American movies. Hmm, they'll need to go grocery shopping at some point. Funny, it hadn't occured to him earlier put he had never actually gone grocery shopping with anyone before; he never stuck to a boy or girl long enough he reckoned. Debating whether or not that was an odd thing, Mathias rummaged through pots and pans. 'I wouldn't dream of it' he said, replying to Eirik's comment absent-mindedly. 'You are Scandinavian, after all'

'I dunno' the Dane shrugged, popping an egg into a bowl and then adding another one to join its companion 'I'm always curious how others see it too.'

He nodded, breaking in a couple more eggs and starting to energetically whisk them.
'Yeah, I did Greek as well though. And Slavic, they're all really interesting' he snorted a laugh at the younger Nordics comment. 'Well, I'm not really a reader type, I guess. Depending how a reader type looks like, I dunno,after you skip school enough you just get bored'

Mathias grinned, a little splash of batter on his cheek.
'Yer kiddin'? I always have too much fun'
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   Mon May 10, 2010 3:27 am

"Never mind." He replied, only for his own sake. Explaining, despite being a teacher, isn't his favorite thing to do. Leaving his book aside, Eirik placed his book on the bed. He felt a little restless, just sitting there and watching. On the edge of the bed, he stared out the window from his spot,"Hm."

"Well that's natural. It's fine to be open-minded." He responded after deciding to approach the window. He basked in the light of the decaying sunlight, observing the sun as it began to sink beyond the horizon. Being analytical and quite close to nature, he observed every detail of the orange-hued sky and the campus below. "Although I will always prefer Norse mythology," he said, after Matthias explained about the other type of myths he had researched about.

Using peripheral vision, he eyed Matthias. It would be the friendly kind of look if the Dane were to be looking at his way. "That's really contradicting." He stated frankly.

Absent-mindedly, he walked near him and stared at whatever he was making. Eirik truly was feeling restless. Though he pretended not to be interested with what Matthias was doing, and so he picked up a box of cane sugar and read about its contents on the back.
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PostSubject: Re: Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen   

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Room 2: Mathias Sørensen and Eirik Hanssen
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