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A forum where Hetalia fans can join together to rp their favorite nations in an AU, high school setting. Loosely based on the Gakuen Hetalia game.
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------------- Welcome to World Academy W, the academy of ambiguous location where all your dreams will come true~! Or perhaps none of them. It really depends how lucky you are. -------------
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PostSubject: NEW: Rules - READ BEFORE CREATING AN ACCOUNT   NEW: Rules - READ BEFORE CREATING AN ACCOUNT I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 1:21 am

Please read and abide by these rules; they are very important, and are created to prevent problems, and make the whole forum a magical place.


1. Do NOT start drama in this forum. This forum is made for rp, not for dating, or fighting. If you have beef with another member, do NOT involve other members. Keep it between you, them, and/ or an admin if you can not deal with the issues yourselves. If an admin finds that you are involving other people by telling them things that should not be told, then you will be warned. This is a drama free forum (unless it's in rp).

2. Do not mix OOC (out of character) with IC (in character). If you hate someone out of character, do not bash them in character, and if you hate someone in-character, do not bash them in real life. This is very important.

3. Always use correct grammar and punctuation. If English is not your first language, that is understandable, but if you are lazy, that is not.

4. Always warn others if you will have mature situations in your topics. Change the title to have these warnings, so that people who do not desire to see them will not click that topic (eg, “[R18] A Night in the Dorm”).

5. Please be active. If you do not post at least once every two weeks without telling an admin why, you will be contacted and asked. If you are going to be inactive for a while, please tell us in the absence thread how long you are going to be away for.

6. Use brackets if you are going to break character, unless you are in the OOC section.

7. It is alright to question rules IF you are prepared to back up your complaints... If you are only questioning because you do not like the admin and/ or just want to be troublesome, you might be suspended.

8. Keep large images under spoiler tags.

9. Double-posting should be reserved for thread-bumping, and ONLY when necessary.

10. Rp in paragraph form in threads.

11. Rp in past tense and in third-person in threads, unless trying to create a certain effect (eg a brief flashback or a dream).

12. If you would like a second character, you may only have one canon* character and one OC (original character, eg Pakistan), no more of either. If you decide to use a secondary character, you should create a new account on the forum for that character.

*If there is a canon character that only appears in sketches and has no story or personality AT ALL, for example Australia or Vietnam, we will count this as an OC and allow you to take a second canon character.

13. This is a forum with mature themes. We have set out some important rules for sexual rps that help us keep within the law:

It is illegal to cybersex with a minor – this is a law in pretty much every country. Members who are over 18 in real life, can only rp sexual situations with other members who are over 18. Members who are minors but are past the age of consent, can rp sex with other members who are minors but past the age of consent.

Here is a list of ages on consent in different countries:

And here is a list of ages of majority in different countries:

14. The MSN groupchat rules are thus:

  • Behave, and always listen to an admin

  • OOC is to be kept in brackets, unless there is no IC

  • No advertising other forums

  • Try not to flood the chat too much with OOC talk when people are trying to rp. Talking is okay, bothering others is not.

Please respect these rules.

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