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A forum where Hetalia fans can join together to rp their favorite nations in an AU, high school setting. Loosely based on the Gakuen Hetalia game.
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 Cultural Day

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Altaf Mashhadi
Altaf Mashhadi

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PostSubject: Cultural Day   Cultural Day I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 2:01 am

Alt walked into the hall and looked around. He was early. They were still setting the hall up, albeit they were almost done. Good. He was the first one here to set up his display table. That meant he had the advantage above the rest of the school. He smirked with contempt. They would all realise that Pakistan was the best.

He put his bags down beside a table and started setting it up. He was wearing traditional salwars (loose trouser things), flared at the bottom with all the embellishments, and under his kameez (large, loose-fitting tunic) he had a t-shirt with the slogan, "Pakistan Zindabad" (long live Pakistan).

Humming to himself, Alt mused upon what the other displays might be like. Surely few others would have prepared as extensively as he had. He was, above all, a patriot.
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Kiku Honda
Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day   Cultural Day I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 5:26 am

Due to being a member of the school council, Kiku had arrived rather early in the morning to help with the preparations. He wore a traditional japanese hakama, in the colours of black and grey, he also bore a wooden katana at his waist, figuring his real one would probably be forbidden.

His table was at the opposite end to Altaf Mashadi so likely neither saw the other. He had pinned up a japanese flag behind his table, which was covered with a long, silky, black cloth. Instead of opting for a long table, Kiku had two short ones. On one were a number of traditional, japanese toys, ornaments, instruments, books etc and behind it was several old style japanese garments which were hung on display.

The other table was much more modern. It was covered with video games, small robots, anime figures, anime, manga etc. Some more modern outfits hung behind that table. On each he had a small stereo with a pair of headphones. One had modern japanese music, the other traditional music. He also had a number of his own japanese weapons on display as well as two cosplays he had borrowed from a friend back home.

Being a member of the council meant that his display needed to be an example for others. Leaving a couple of bowls full of japanese candy, and pocky, he went to see the other tables.

(hope its not to much >.> trust me aussie's wont be this elaborate. But it may include pics >.> for those who know nothing of our country XD )

Cultural Day Kiku3111

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Louisa Garcia

Louisa Garcia

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day   Cultural Day I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 7:04 am

Louisa stepped in the hall slowly, head turning to see if anyone else was joining the celebration. Seeing two other people at their tables already, she smiled and brought her wares to her own table, which was three tables from the Japanese man's area.

After wiping the dust off the table, she laid her items - an array of souvenirs from every single tourist spot Louisa visited in her own country, which included some small clay pots from Northern Luzon, a 'canned' tarsier from Bohol, a clean bolo she found in Balintawak, corals from Dapitan, and more products that she acquired while living in the Philippines. After arranging the souvenirs on the table, which almost had no more empty space because of all the things she put, she took out the last, and most important, ware she had - her country's flag.

The flag was brand new, one that she bought just before leaving her country, and as she took it out of its pack, she carefully fastened it to a metal pole, one that could be assembled and disassembled for easy portage, taking care not to let any part of the flag touch the floor. When she already pulled it upright, she smiled and looked at the flag -

-only to shriek. SHE PUT THE FLAG UPSIDE DOWN!!

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Leon Banjora

Leon Banjora

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day   Cultural Day I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 7:18 am

Leon dragged his table and bag of junk, to an empty spot near the japanese bloke and started to unpack. Draping a blue cloth over the table he proceeded to take everything out and arrange it on said table. But first the most important things. The flags. That's right, two of them. He had hired to flag poles for the occasion. On one was the traditional aussie flag with the southern cross a six pointed star and on the other the aboriginal flag.

Once that was done he properly arranged his wares. He had various aboriginal objects like, a didgeridoo and a boomerang. He also displayed an AFL football, much better game, AFL, than sissy american footy, which in his opinion didn't count as football. He had several football outfits hung up behind him. To much padding. He placed some Vegemite, pavlova and lamingtons down on plates, the Vegemite with several pieces of toast. A VERY large tin of Milo was open in case anyone wished for a drink or taste. Pleased with himself, he checked his table to see if anything was missing. He put several plush toys of aussie animals, on the table. They were a kookaburra, koala, kangaroo (we like our k sounding animals don't we? ), a platypus and a wombat. A cricket ball and bat featured some where on the table. He turned on the stereo to play his aussie mix CD, first up.....ACCA DACCA! (ac/dc )

"Now for me outfit.. but what to choose? Hmm " He pondered, then decided and went to change" When he came back he was in yellow and green thongs, (thats footwear people), a blue singlet, akurbra hat (without corks! ) and some black shorts. He bore black sunnies and zinc on his nose. Pleased with himself again, he tied an aussie flag around with neck like a cape. He knew he looked a bit bogany but he didn't mind. He hung up the other outfit. A drizabone coat and akurbra hat with a more farmy feel to it. Such an outfit was a very important one but he felt like he deserved to be hung up instead. He settled down on his chair and cracked open a can of beer.

(Aborignal flag: Cultural Day Unknow10
A didgerido: Cultural Day Unknow11
Boomerang: Cultural Day Unknow11
AFL FOOTY: Cultural Day Unknow12
VEEEGEEMIIIIITE: Cultural Day Unknow13
Pavlova: comes in various styles Cultural Day Unknow14
Lamingtons:Cultural Day Unknow15
Milo: Cultural Day Images10
Kookaburra: Cultural Day Unknow12 Cultural Day Unknow13
I guess you know what kangeroos and koalas look like already XD
Platypus: Cultural Day Images11
Wombat: Cultural Day Images12
Emu (pronounced eem-u not ee-mooo XD ) Cultural Day Images13
YELLOW AND GREEN THONGS, aussie colours :3 : Cultural Day Unknow14
Akubra, one of but not the only, aussie hat, it comes in many colours and styles: Cultural Day Unknow15
Drizabone coat, again many colours: Cultural Day Images14
Aussie cape: Cultural Day Unknow16

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Day   Cultural Day I_icon_minitime

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Cultural Day
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